Industrial Filters

At Plastence Exim, we manufacture effective filter housing solutions for industries ranging from the water and desalination, automobile and pharmaceutical industries to chemical, metal and mining, pulp and paper.
Our low-cost plastic filter housing solutions are manufactured using non-corrosive material such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, FRP, and PVC, among others. The absence of any kind of metal prevents corrosion over long-term use, acting as a safer and better alternative to traditional filter systems.
Our filters efficiently filter and separate any solid substances to yield a clear and pure filtrate, based on your requirements. With our wide range of products, it is possible to customize the kind of extraction, based on the level of filtration and separation needed as per your industry. Switching to our products will show a demonstrable process improvement as well.

Design Features
  • Use of non-corrosive material at the head makes for a durable head-to-bowl connection that can withstand the test of time
  • Can withstand operating temperatures from 10° C to 150° C, and are carefully designed with features that assure long-term performance
  • The design is optimized for inlet and outlet flows keeping in mind a wide variety of applications
  • Our industrial filter housing systems are designed for ease and simplicity of use
  • They have a high filtration volume capacity which is suitable for many different industrial applications
  • Filter bags are sealed and capable of dealing with high-volume flows

Plastence Exim offers the most comprehensive range of innovative and high-performance plastic products with superior resistance to corrosion. Our industrial filter housing systems are manufactured to the best industry standards. We are one of the largest plastic suppliers in India


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