Plastic Strainers

For all their straining and filtering needs, countless industries depend upon Plastence Exim – the home of all things plastic! With an age-old reputation as the best plastic strainer manufacturer in India, our design and product manufacture is oriented towards providing effective solutions for the steam, liquid, solid as well as gas filtration. Our products are sought after by the power and petroleum, pulp and paper, metal and mining as well as the water and wastewater industries – to name just a few. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Our Products

No matter how fast or voluminous the fluid flow, our strainers effectively remove sediment and debris. Tee Type Strainers help protect and prolong the life of expensive mechanical equipment such as pumps, valves and meters. Choose between a straight or an angled configuration based on your requirement, and of course, we’ll cut to size.

For applications which require frequent cleaning, our fabricated basket strainers are designed for easy use. They have handles on top to facilitate removal of the strainer along with debris and particulate matter. Additional features include automatic blow-down and quick release covers.

Duplex strainers provide double the straining, with two separate baskets separated by a valve to create a double-filtration system. These are best for systems with constant flows which cannot be cleaned too regularly.

Design Features

  • Streamlined design suitable for low pressure as well
  • Compact dimensions from end to end
  • Durable and effective strainer screens
  • Designed for easy maintenance and a long life
  • Fabricated construction and simple design
  • Withstand temperatures between 20° C to 250° C



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