Chemically it is a copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene.
The Ethylene Chlorotri Fluoro Ethylene was designed to provide excellent chemical resistance in heavy duty corrosion applications. This is a partially fluorinated polymer (a fluoropolymer), semi-crystalline and can be processed in the melt.

  • high continuous service temperature
  • good electrical insulating properties extremely good weather resistance
  • high impact strength, also at low temperatures
  • high purity (free from plasticizers, sliding agents and flame inhibitive additives)
  • high tensile strength and stiffness
  • good thermo formability
  • excellent weldability
Field Of Application

Manufacture of chemical equipment, Parts which call for outstanding chemical resistance, also at high temperatures.

Electrical, Semiconductor and Food Stuffs Industry

E.g. membranes, housings, containers, pipes and sleeves, seals valve and pump parts.

E-CTFE Sheet Standard Size
  • Thickness : 1 mm to 60 mm
  • Width  : Up to 1000 mm
  • Length  : As Per Requirements
Standard Size (MM)

620 x 1000, 620 x 2000, 620 x 3000, 1000 x 2000

E-CTFE Rod Standard Size
  • Diameter : 5 mm to 300 mm
  • Length : 1000 mm
ECTFE Sheet & Rods
ECTFE Sheet & Rods
ECTFE Sheet & Rods
ECTFE Sheet & Rods
ECTFE Sheet & Rods
ECTFE Sheet & Rods

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