These Varieties of Pultruded products are available with polyester, Vinyl ester& Epoxy Resins.Various types of Pultruded Pipe, Box Pipe, Rectangular Box pipe, Rods, Flats, and L type Angle, T Type Angle & end pieces offers very goods electrical insulation property in combination with high mechanical strength corrosion resistance.All weather resistance makes it suitable for indoor & outdoor applications.

  • Power Plants
  • Electricity Distribution
  • Construction of Cooling Towers
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Refineries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • In Chemical industries as Hand rails, ladders walkways, floor gratings, Supports, Cable Tray, Pipe Supports Rack etc.
  • In Transformer Industries as spacers , runners , coil winders , wedges , dove tail sticks and spacers
Light Weight

Easier handling, because FRP Protruded Section are light weight. Faster installation and low transportation costs. FRP Protruded Section Product weights only 25% as much as similar steel pipe and 10% as much as similar concrete product.

Corrosion Resistance

Resistant to corrosion both inside &outside. Used for handling dilute acids, saturated brine, organic solvents and other corrosive chemical but there is zero corrosion. No additional lining and exterior coating are required.

FRP Pultruded & Moulded Product Range

Rectangular box section, Hollow round tube, Fluted hollow round tube, Flat, Equal Angle, Unequal angle, I beam, T beam, Rod, Groove rod and notch bar, Mix profile, Deck profile, Moulded Gratings, Pultruded Gratings, Self supported step ladder, Self supported trestle ladder, Wall supported ladder, Self supported platform ladder, Extension ladder, Manhole ladder , Industrial step stand, Mobile maintenance platform , Safety caged ladder,.Ladder type cable tray , Perforated type cable tray, coupler plate for ladder type cable tray, Hold down clamp, Flanged cover, Flat cover, Motor canopy – horizontal and vertical, C – Channel, C-Channel cover, Square box section.

FRP Poltruded Section
FRP Poltruded Section
FRP Poltruded Section
FRP Poltruded Section
FRP Poltruded Section
FRP Poltruded Section

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