Polypropylene Random Copolymer raw material is used to manufacture Polypropylene random copolymer pipes. It could also be used in hot water systems besides being used in sanitary networks also. This is a very unique feature

Advantages Of PPR Pipe Fittings
  • Installation without scrap
  • Low costsLow costs
  • At 20°C it stands up to PN25
  • Good  service life
  • Can be used at 95°C
  • No corrosion
  • No decrease in diameter due to reactions with minerals
  • No crack formation due to ice under 0°C
  • Depending on its elastic structure can be installed easily in hard positions
  • Enables to load trucks more and creates savings in terms of cost Easy to weldEasy to weld
  • Fast installation
  • Doesn't contaminate drinking water with corrosion
Fields Of Application

PP-R is suitable for different applications enlisted below designed for hot and cold water supply and heating applications.

  • Drinking water and liquid foods
  • Watering systems for greenhouses and gardens
  • Transportation of aggressive fluids
  • Traditional heating systems
  • Air distribution and compressed air systems.
  • Chilled water and air conditioning
  • Water purifying plants
  • Hot and cold water supply in residential, industrial, commercial and public projects.
  • Solar heater applications
  • Radiator heating
PPR Pipe Size
  • ½” (20mm) to 6 “(160 mm)
  • Pressure Ratings :  PN 10 kg/cm2, PN 12.5 kg/cm2, PN 16 kg/cm2, PN 20 kg/cm2.
Pipe Fittings Sizes

½” (20 mm) to 6 “(160 mm)

Pipe Fittings Sizes
  • ½” (20 mm) to 6 “(160 mm)
  • DESIGN :  Socket Fusion Welding / Fabricated Welding
Range Of PPR Fittings

Female Threaded Elbow , Tee , Reducing Tee , Male Threaded Tee , Female Threaded Tee , Coupler , Male Threaded Adaptor , Female Threaded Adaptor , Reducer , End Cap , Union , Flange (Step Flange , Long Neck Flange ) , Long Neck Collar , Elbow 90 ° , Elbow 45° , Male Threaded Elbow , Four Way Tee etc.

PPR Fittings
PPR Fittings
PPR Fittings
PPR Fittings
PPR Fittings
PPR Fittings

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